Top 5 Signs it’s Time to Switch Carriers


With the increase of transportation management systems, tighter driver availability, and growing regulatory guidelines, it is essential to collaborate with carriers to ensure you are adding profitable business to their network. This will solidify a long-term relationship that will save you from costly changeovers.

Building important long lasting relationships with a carrier is an important part of maintaining a strong supply chain network. Capacity shortages and other carrier-related service issues will inevitably occur and carrier change-over can be costly. But sometimes, the business arrangement is simply no longer mutually beneficial and it’s time to switch carrier.

Here are 5 signs to look out for that maybe it’s that time.

1. The Last Time Your Carrier’s Technology was Updated, iPhones Didn’t Exist.

In order to stay competitive, it is key that your carrier embraces technological changes. Implementing the latest technology helps to continuously gather intelligence regarding your market and assists in mitigating risks. Even embracing technology as simple as RFID can help improve supply chain visibility from start to finish. It is essential that carriers are capable of evolving as consumer demands evolve, allowing companies to take advantage of potential in new markets and quicker react to opportunities with current consumers.

2. Uncompetitive Rates

Competitive rates are a no brainer. In order to build a strong relationship with clients, carriers must offer competitive rates. This gives the ability to negotiate and strategize the best possible options and plans based on your needs. Rate shopping can be a daunting task, and your carrier should be able to provide rate costs that best fit your budget and shipping requirements. By providing competitive rates, your carrier is acknowledging that they want to give you the best benefits at the best prices. If your carrier refuses to budge on your rates, it’s definitely time to find a carrier that has your best interests in mind.

3. Instead of PB & J You’re More Like Pickles and Marshmallows.

The relationship between carriers and clients is important. Your business needs are important, and you should be a priority to your carrier. Long term relationships can often result in better plans and rates based customized to your specific shipping needs, and can help when evaluating bottom line. A positive carrier/client relationship can often offer discounted rates over the course of time, in addition to more carrier options and credibility to your business which can minimize risks of shipping nationally/internationally.

4. Mistakes are More Common than Actual Completed Shipments

Everybody makes mistakes, and everybody has those days. While service issues are a reality, recurring service issues should not be. Frequently experiencing issues and service problems is not necessary and is costly to your business. When you find yourself constantly addressing service failures that your carrier refuses to acknowledge with no signs of improvement, it’s time to find a provider that takes places importance on the level of customer service they provide.

5. You’ve Outgrown Your Carrier

You have now become a big and beautiful business, but your 3PL and carrier requirements have outgrown the capabilities of your current provider. It’s important to understand that not all carriers provide the same scope of services. Some carriers provide specialized services that might be exactly what your business requires, while others offer customized warehousing or global partnerships. It’s nothing personal, you’re just in different places, and it’s best to consider a carrier that matches your needs on all levels.

The nature of business relationships are not always win-win. The ability of both parties to give-and-take to serve customer needs is more important for a lasting business alliance.

However, sometimes a partner may take too much either through limited capability or limited ability. Depending on where your business is at present, and where it needs to be, it may just be time to switch carriers.

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